First Online Java Class Decompiler and Obfuscator


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REVEAL provides an online Java Class File Decompiler and Obfuscator performed by a Java Applet. It also features a directory service for Java developers and users to submit and lookup resources.


Please remember that decompilation of copyright materials is strictly prohibited and you by using REVEAL, the user agrees that he/she shall not decompile any copyright materials. By using REVEAL, the user shall be held responsible for all decompilations and the author / programmer shall not be held in any way responsible for any legal actions. No copy of any decompiled / obfuscated codes are stored on the server but intermediatery files may be created by the applet to aid in accomplishing its task. These files will be cleared immediately and there is no way of recovering any such files.

This program does not guaranteed to reverse engineer the class files in a perfect order and may have various limitations. This tool is not meant to be used as a hacking tool but to educate users about how class decompilation works and provide a graphical view about Class File structure to facilitate “reverse engineering” in a respectable manner. It can also used as a useful IDE tool in which users can extract out useful information about the original design of classes as in the Class Hierarchy and Methods Call Invocation diagrams.


To use reveal, you need to signup for an account to help us account for the number of users. However, no history of decompilations and obfuscation will be stored and no unsolicited mails wil be sent to the user. We do not sell user information to other pople / organisation.


The decompiler utility decompiles class file that can be accessed via a URL address. This utility currently decompiles class files only and it attempts to build a class hierarchy based on other class files that the given class and all other referenced classes uses. Hence this utility give a bird-eye view of the entire application. The utility also has a byte-code viewer which informs users about the structure of the entire class file.


1. To recover the original class design from class files.
2. Educate the public about the insecurity of compiled Java bytecodes and thus the need for obfuscation
3. Provide a bird’s eye view of their entire application based on a single class file.
4. Educate potential programmers about Java class file design.


The obfuscator utility is a quality utility which removes information from Java class files and shrinks Java class files by about 30% to 50% of its original class files size while protecting Java class files rom adverse reverse engineering. Furthermore, the obfuscator utility packs all the class files using JAR files thereby reducing the size of class files even further. This makes class files download faster thereby making them execute faster. Removing excess information from class files also protects their class files from decompilation weherby decompiling the class files may result in meaningless pieces of codes. During the obfuscation process, method names, variable names and class names are modified. by default, the obfuscation process preserves all class names that define the method “main” or are derived from the class Applet. It also preserves all the public methods and variables of such classes. Users are given the flexibility of preserving other class names and variables by specifying them during the obfuscation process. Click here to learn how to specify the items.


1. To protect Java class files from adverse RE.
2. Shrink Java class files by 30% to 50% so that they can be downloaded and executed faster.

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